In Sagola we have been designing and manufacturing paint guns, airbrushes, filters, pumps, aerographic spray guns and all kinds of painting systems for 65 years. On our website you can find our wide range of products, their features and recommendations, videos, news and much more.

AGOLA can trace its origins to the year 1955 and is fruit of the pioneering spirit of its founder, Alejandro Sánchez Larrauri. It began as a small subcontracting workshop for industry. After some years in the subcontracting sector, Larrauri felt the need to manufacture his own product and progressively withdraw from subcontracted activity.

The chosen product was the spray gun. This new era for SAGOLA was crowned by the manufacture and sale of the mythical ALM 401 spray gun. From that very moment SAGOLA began to make and distribute a large number of spray gun models and other complements used in the coatings sector such as air filters, pressure pots, and an endless list of equipment for the most varied applications.

Due once again to the entrepreneurial spirit of the SAGOLA team, the need was felt to open the company to the international market. For that reason the Company began operating in related markets such as Latin America, where it soon became the indisputable leader, later expanding to Arab countries, Asia and finally Europe. Today, SAGOLA is present in more than 80 countries worldwide.

SAGOLA has maintained the highest quality standards in the manufacture of its products from its very beginnings, which has contributed to become a very important competitor in sectors such as bodyshop and industry. Products range from a simple spray gun to complex CNC coating machines.

Today, after 65 years, SAGOLA is still a 100% family company, a vital reason why it is a dynamic company able to adapt rapidly to changing market situations.

Nowadays SAGOLA is much more than a manufacturer of spray guns and has become a group of companies also engaged in the manufacture of aeronautic components, components for the biomedicine sector, passenger transport services and other service businesses.

MEIJI AIRMATION builds a better a tomorrow with improved techonology for the harmony of industry and life .

Times have substantially changed through the remarkable progress of science and technical innovation.
A rich life and conveniences of life have been pursued and fulfilled in many respects, but on the other hand, the problem of limited energy resources has recently been a major concern.
We, at MEIJI, have been developing air compressors, painting apparatus, painting equipment, and so on, and tackling an unlimited energy resource – “air” – for more than 80 years since its inception, pursuing the possibility of making full use of the unlimited resource and the possibility of energy cost savings, and we are proud of the fact that the pursuit has obtained excellent results.
This is all because of expertise that comes from more than 80 years of our rich experience and of your continued help and guidance, for which we should be really grateful.
MEIJI has developed unique technology as a pioneer in Japan’s air technique field and has made every effort to make the unique technology help to establish communications between society and livelihood. However, perfection does not exist in the world of technology. Making “AIRMATION” our password, a blending of air and technology, we shall put as much effort into research as ever in order to become MEIJI as a world-wide top brand, and strive for greater progress through developing new technology satisfying future needs and improving products quality based on our management philosophy “Constructive Creation” “Development Endeavor” by concentrating on accumulated brains and skill through all employees with rich experience.
MEIJI sincerely hopes that you will give it your increased help and guidance.


ANEST IWATA in the North America subsidiary of ANEST IWATA Corporation in Japan, which is a leading manufacturer specializing in painting equipment, turnkey coating systems, air compressors and high-end dry vacuum pumps.

As part of the world-class operation we have two market specific divisions within our North American headquarters that strive to exceed the highly advanced needs of North American industries with innovative, state-of-the-art technologies and services.

Our two divisions are:

ANEST IWATA Air Engineering:

Anest Iwata Air Engineering, Inc. is a manufacturer of air compressors, vacuum pumps and related products. We provide oil free air compressors into a variety of industries such as pharmaceutical, food & beverage, Research & Development and industrial. We were the first in the world to develop an air cooled dry scroll vacuum pump utilized in various high end industries such as semiconductor/electronics, universities and research institutes.


ANEST IWATA is the leading producer of spray guns in the world. ANEST IWATA has captured more than sixty percent of the high-quality industrial spraying equipment market in Asia, and in certain Asian countries owns over eighty percent. As the sole importer of ANEST IWATA finishing equipment into the North American market specializing in painting equipment and turnkey coating systems we continue to introduce and produce the most effective finishing equipment in the world.

Avalon Air Tool Co,. Ltd.
A professional spray gun factory, always focus on quality.

Started as a hardware sales, we began to understand more about spray guns. At that time, the production of spray guns in Taiwan was confined to the DIY market and, the quality could not compete against Europe, the United States, Japan and other advanced countries; therefore, it gives a huge opportunity to carry out the production of spray gun in Taiwan by carefully studying the shortcomings of spray guns in Taiwan. In 1985, as we established a spray gun manufacturing plant in Taiwan. It turned out that our product “R-21X” was favored by many customers.

In 1994, implementation of the ISO 9002 management system had helped us to acquire the quality assurance certification. In 1997, in order to get closer to our customers and to deal with the increasing demands of spray guns, we have invested in China “Luotuo District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province” and operated factories in these places. The quality earns customers’ recognition. However, due to limitation of inadequate manufacturing plants, the product was in short of supply. In 2006, the factories relocation to “Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province” to serve greater group of customers. But the skill was a big obstruction of further progress. In 2009, quit the company in China.

For entering a high-end and industrial air tool field the designer continued to research overseas. After 5 years of review with international aerodynamic experts about all kinds of coating, and understand users’ needs. The designer obtain advise of experts in various fields such as factory management, processing technique, in overall designing the spray gun area, the designer had a great breakthrough. In 2014, officially returned to our business. Moreover, we have established the “Avalon Air Tool Co,. Ltd.” in Taiwan. The creation of a new brand, “Avalon” is focusing on every trade, and produce different usage industrial spray gun. In even spray width, smooth handling and adjustment, appearance brightness, and durability are capable to compete with Europe, the United States, Japan, and well-known brands. We are confident to say Avalon’s air tool is high cost performance ratio, and well worth it’s value.

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