Anzen RG-3 Airbrush Artwork Kit


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The ANZEN RG-3 airbrush artwork kit develops itself as a multi-functional, easy, portable and impact resistance blow case packing. The contents inside all includes all the necessary tools for artworking. All of the tools are in eye level position which makes your work easy and connvenient. It is most suitable for artwork, designs and models.

Set Contents:

4pcs Rulers
1pc Pair of compasses
1pc Pencil cutter
1pc Pencil
1pc Tape adhere to cutter
1pc Plastic eraser
1pc Art knife
1pc Brushes
20pcs Thumb tacks
1pc Oil palpe
1pc Oil boxes
1pc Cleaners
1pc Big glass jar (50cc)
1pc Small glass jar (22cc)
1pc Scissors
1 set Airbrush
(Nb: The airbrush hose will be replaced with a new ones upon purchase)

(Catatan: Selang airbrushnya akan diganti dengan yang baru saat pembelian)

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Weight 2 kg

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Anzen RG-3 Airbrush Artwork Kit